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Stephen Colbert Blasts Harvey Weinstein; Urges Company Name Change To More Positive “Asbestos Child Slapper” – Deadline


“Famed Hollywood producer and human Shrek, Harvey Weinstein is a terrible person,” Stephen Colbert said at the top of Late Show.

“If you’re  not familiar, Harvey Weinstein was responsible for The English Patient, Excellent Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Like, and other movies your mom liked in the 90’s,” he informed his viewers in flyover country.

Last week the New York Times published an explosive article detailing decades of sexual harassment claims against Weinstein, who has since been fired from his company, “forcing them to change the name of The Weinstein Company, to something more positive like Asbestos Child Slapper, Inc.,” Colbert joked.

Some of details, he warned viewers, are pretty terrible, such as allegations Weinstein required some female employees to be present while he bathed, and a reporter who claimed Weinstein forced her to watch him masturbate into a potted plant. Colbert’s tip: “If you ever have dinner at Harvey Weinstein’s house, avoid the fresh basil.”

“This is monstrous behavior that, in a just world, would not have been allowed to go on for decades. It is indefensible,” the late night host said.

Weinstein immediately defended it, saying, “I came of age in 60 and 70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different.” Meanwhile, Weinstein’s lawyers called him an ancient dinosaur learning new ways.

“That is no excuse,” Colbert scoffed, adding that dinosaurs did not touch themselves in front of employees because their arms were way too small.

Coincidentally, last weekend was the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape. So maybe Trump should have thought twice before telling a reporter he’s known Weinstein a long time, adding, “I’m not at all surprised to hear it” of the NYT report.

Which caused a reporter to remind Trump about the Access Hollywood tape in which he boasted he could grab women “by the p*ssy” because he was so well-known he could get away with it. “That’s locker room talk,” Trump shot back – which, Colbert claimed, is like Weinstein saying, “Masturbating in a potted plant? That’s  just greenhouse talk.”

Colbert earlier noted Trump had tweeted over the weekend that maybe he should demand late night shows give him equal time, given how much of their monologue is devoted to him. After the commercial break, Jon Stewart game on stage to help Colbert deliver on Trump’s equal-time request.

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